Secrets of a Successful Product Launch

Secrets of a Successful Product Launch

It’s a new year, and if you’re like most other company owners, you’re looking forward to launching your programs and/or goods. Perhaps you have a new program that you can’t wait to get out there or a freshly produced product that you want to offer online to your list.

However, most individuals make the error of just posting it on their website and hope for the day when someone buys. This is not a good plan. Don’t get me wrong: someone could purchase, but it might be months before you make your first sale.

To generate more money and get more customers, you must launch your product aggressively!

In this post, I will share six great product launch tactics that you can utilize right now to generate new revenue and turn leads into customers.

A product launch (or program) may now be anything you want to sell online. Examples include the following:

Tele-class series for Bootcamp

Program for Event Coaching

Home study program


Why is a product launch necessary? Selling something is more efficient and effective. The notion of a “launch” generates excitement and frenzy around what you’re presenting. It’s less difficult than just posting your stuff on your website and hoping that customers would eventually come around and take it.

Here are my six approaches:


01. Planning

You must plan ahead of time. You can’t simply decide to launch something and expect everything to miraculously fall into place. You must prepare ahead of time at all levels. Is your target audience ready for it? Do they want it? Have you been giving too much or too little, and how does this launch fit your other planned offerings? Your communication – the dates you intend to send emails, publish your product on your website, communicate with JV partners to assist your launch, etc. You must choose a “launch” date and then work backwards to layout all necessary communications.

02. Support

The launch will fail if there is no support. And I mean support from EVERYONE. Joint ventures- Having a lot of aid from JV partners or strategic alliances to promote your launch will help you develop momentum. Why? The more individuals aware of your launch, the greater excitement there will be. Affiliates – bringing affiliates on board so they can tell their network of your launch and ensure it fits within their calendar. You can’t do it all by yourself. It needs more than just you to promote, plan, send emails, create a website, and create a product. Get some assistance from your team (even if it is just temporary assistance) to make it all happen. Inform family and friends about the launch so they can assist you at one of your company’s busiest moments.

03. Anticipation

The key to a good launch is anticipation. Remember when Apple released the iPhone 4, and there was hype for months before it was really available for purchase? That’s a fantastic launch strategy. You want to build momentum building up to something significant. This generates excitement and buzz among those who want to learn more about your upcoming launch. Hint: There is generally a lot of hype leading up to a teleseminar or webinar for online product launches when you introduce your product and then make it available for purchase. Another approach for increasing buildup and anticipation is regularly reminding people of the event date.

04. Creativity

You must be innovative in your product introduction. Let’s not forget that the most crucial aspect of a launch is the actual substance of what you’re offering. It must be fantastic stuff. But what distinguishes your product? What makes people desire it? As part of the launch, be innovative with your marketing, from the angle/message for your teleseminar to the videos you’re generating – everything has to be unique. Your sales page should be unique. How effectively do you deliver your material?

05. Incentives

Giving customers a cause to purchase is the goal of a launch. Bonuses, a clear call to action, reduced prices, discounted payment arrangements, etc. These are all valid reasons for purchasing the goods. You want to provide customers with an offer they can’t reject, and leveraging incentives is crucial to converting prospects into buyers. Planning a preview call or webinar to promote what you have to offer (what you’re releasing) is one incentive to explore. I would never propose introducing a new product or service to your whole mailing list. Nobody would be interested. However, asking people to a free call or webinar where you present amazing material and effectively “sample” what you have to offer – and then offering them a very attractive deal at the end – is a terrific approach to launch your product and gain fast sales.

06. Scarcity

If you’re selling a limited-edition product or a program with limited spots, being upfront about the restricted availability will certainly raise your selling conversion. People aren’t motivated to purchase if they know they may come back at any moment if you have a limitless number of copies or locations. However, if just a limited amount is available, they will act. Now, you must be truthful and not appear to have 10 copies of anything to sell when you really have 100. That’s not very genuine. If the offer is about to expire because an event or program starts on a specific date, you should leverage it and highlight it to prospects, so they know they need to act.

Applying some of these methods to your next product launch will ensure that you improve sales and convert more leads into purchasers.

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